Thursday, September 26, 2013

Adaptive Fitness Resource Guide soon to be released

Hey Team,

I'm excited to announce that I am nearing the final preparations and expect to release an Adaptive Fitness resource guide (e-book) by mid-late October.

This guide will cover Assessment, Nutrition, and most importantly exercise to improve functional tasks for individuals living with Stroke, Spinal cord injury, Amputation, or as Seniors.

I'm really excited to put all of this information together into a comprehensive resource guide for people living with disabilities to refer to that may not have access to accessible fitness centers or adaptive trainers.

As an Adaptive Fitness Specialist myself, I feel that there are not enough accessible gyms, or trainers to really push someone to their full potential.

I put this guide together in hope that more individuals living with disabilities will become motivated to live a healthier lifestyle to the best of their ability.

This resource guide is based on research and my own personal experience working with people living with disabilities.

If interested, Keep checking back or subscribe to my blog for updates on when the release will be you can also follow me on twitter @fitdp23.

Take care for now!

Keep Fighting, Never Give Up!