Sunday, October 12, 2014

That's what I'm talking about!

Great job Men's Health and Today show for highlighting Noah Galloway and all individuals living with a disability that continue to push, and are determined to Never Give Up!

You guys are an inspiration to us all and deserve even more recognition just for being bosses!

-DPI Adaptive Fitness
ps. I almost forgot to add... for all those interested,
Devon Palermo
of DPI Adaptive Fitness will be leading the warm ups for the annual Spina Bifida Walk n Roll to benefit the Spina Bifida Association.
Come join us for exercise, fun, family and friends.
We hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Check out my recent interview with "I Am Adaptive"....

I think it is so awesome that more Adaptive Fitness Trainers and Facilities are starting to emerge, it is a much needed and long overdue necessity for the benefit of the disability community.

I recently was reached out to by a great trainer who has been impacted by disability, and who like me has recognized the extreme need to provide adaptive fitness to those who long for it.

Ellyse Trethric is working on great things for the Adaptive community, specifically Adaptive Athletes.

Check out her website

and while you're there take a look at the recent interview I sat for with her here:

Great things are happening in the Adaptive Fitness world!

Keep fighting, Never Give up!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

DPI Adaptive Fitness is now working with Medstar National Rehabilitation Hospital to offer Free Adaptive Fitness classes to the disability community.
We would love for you to join us
Thursdays for Adaptive Boxing Fitness in the 2nd floor Cardiac Gym from 5:30 to 6:30 with Adaptive Fitness Specialist Devon Palermo
 Saturdays for Open Gym from 10 to 1 in the Outpatient Physical Therapy Gym for a great circuit resistance training routine with the Staff of DPI Adaptive Fitness and Volunteer Therapists from NRH
One on One training is also available with the trainers of DPI Adaptive Fitness
Check out for more info

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Even more reasons to exercise and Never Give Up!

Hey Team,

I'm sure many of you have heard of the recently released research study involving epidural stimulation.

If you haven't seen the research article yet, you can take a look here!

or, if you would prefer to see an overview you can check that out here!

This is very exciting and proves that researchers are closer than ever in finding ways to improve spinal cord injury rehabilitation and recovery.

Much of the research talked about consistent loco motor training, daily movement practice at home-7 days a week, and consistent stand training before and after implanted epidural stimulation.

Research also showed that when subjects worked consistently as instructed, they were able to have voluntary movement of their legs with less stimulation.

This makes me feel even more strongly that aggressive, repeated, task-specific activity is a very important part of an Adaptive Fitness routine for someone post SCI.

Neural Plasticity is evident in this new research, even with implanted stimulation, repeated, consistent activity yields positive results.

An Adaptive Fitness routine will keep you strong, motivated, functional, happy, and keep you ready for any and all new advancements in SCI research.

If you haven't already check out DPI Adaptive Fitness & Personal Training, we're working on some great content with online Adaptive Boxing Fitness Classes, latest research and news, and Adaptive Fitness training services for those recovering from spinal cord injury, stroke, or any other neurological illness or injury.

That's all for now,

Keep fighting, Never give up!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DPI Fitness TV on

Hey Team,

I'm pretty excited about this.

Check out the video above or We've just launched DPI Fitness TV!!!!

What is DPI Fitness TV?

Well, It's an Adapted Fitness TV channel. What we hope to accomplish is to provide access to Adapted Boxing Fitness classes to everyone and anyone regardless of location.

So many individuals are really enjoying the live classes here in the DC, MD, VA area, from Seniors, to SCI, Stroke, Amputee, and even Therapists at the rehab hospitals. The class is fun, high energy, and challenging for everyone at ANY level.

We're in the initial stages, but plan to offer live streaming classes to everyone for a very nominal cost.

Stay tuned for now as I will be offering many trial classes to work the bugs out, tell your friends, and get ready to get your boxing on!

Check out for a sample warm-up session that I performed with my Senior group recently.

That's all for now!

Remember....Keep Fighting & Never Give Up!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Adaptive Fitness Equipment Recommendations (part deuce)

Hey Team,

Recently one of my most popular posts was published on the largest personal trainer development site on the net, The PTDC.

If you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out here:

I'm very happy that so many people have found it to be helpful, I've received a lot of positive feedback.

I also wanted to thank everyone that sent in the suggestions to add to the list and decided to post them here for all to see.

Catalyst Fitness made recommendations to include:



The Surge 180 or Surge 360

other comments recommended:

Concept2 Rower


The Wheelchair gym

I like all of the above suggestions and would be excited to really get into a session and be as creative as possible when using them with an Adaptive Fitness client.

I do though feel that to ensure maximum safety of the Adaptive Fitness client, the above items would only be able to be utilized under the supervision of a qualified Adaptive Fitness Trainer, so I decided to not update the list to include them.

I think a future list I compile will include all Adaptive Fitness equipment and not just the top ten for users to utilize at home.

I appreciate all of the feedback and encourage everyone to send in any recommendations they may think would benefit an Adaptive Fitness clients training session.

Keep Fighting, Never Give up!


Monday, March 3, 2014

The single best activity you can perform at home when recovering from a Stroke (Hands down!)

Hey Team,

One of the questions that I receive the most following an adaptive fitness assessment from a client is "what should I be doing on my own?"...

This is a great question, and my answer to these clients usually receives the following response... "that's it!"

Clients usually expect a really elaborate exercise program right from the start so that they can begin performing it as soon and as often as possible so that they can reap the rewards sooner.

I've learned over the course of my career that consistency in the performance of an exercise or activity is more important than the program design or slew of exercises that I can give a client, because of this I instruct the majority of my clients who are recovering from a stroke to perform one activity, every day, for a duration of 20 minutes, consistently!


That's right, walking....

"Well I walk everyday" is probably what your thinking, and I'm sure you do walk every day but, what I mean is a timed duration of 20 minutes of walking with little to no rest breaks (standing rest breaks are allowed).

One of the greatest ways to improve Neuroplasiticy is through Functional, task specific, repetitive movements.

What is more Functional, Task Specific, and Repetitive than Walking?

Think about it...You're in a weight bearing position (excellent), you have to shift weight from one hip to the other to take steps (even more excellent), you have to maintain balance while shifting weight (Super excellent) and you have to reciprocate this movement over and over again for 20 minutes (Amazing).

Not to mention the breathing, core stabilization, and mental focus that's also involved.

Throw in some extra visual stimulation, focus (and bonus points) for walking in busy areas where people are so focused on where they're going they don't watch where their walking.

The benefit of this repeated activity has been proven during my personal adapted fitness training sessions and  in several studies.

You can take a look at the studies for yourself here:

So much neuronal activity is present when walking which is why this is the Hands Down number one activity I give my clients recovering from a stroke.

If you would like to see more exercises that I recommend my clients following a Stroke you can check out the Disability Fitness Handbook here:

Hope you enjoyed this article!

Please like and comment in the comments section.

Keep Fighting & Never Give Up!


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Team Never Give Up-dates.....

Hey Team,

Hope today's post finds you well.

Exciting things have been happening and I wanted to update everyone,

1. I recently presented two lectures at the VA Stroke Comeback Center for it's members on Adaptive Fitness post stroke.

More specifically I spoke on the importance of:

-Pushing outside your comfort zone

-Believing in your abilities to perform

-Utilizing compound exercises to improve Neuroplasticity in a safe environment

-Stressed consistency for maximum benefit

-Adaptive Fitness Assessment and Program design

-Resources and group exercise available

Volunteers participated in demonstration for Adaptive Fitness assessments and program design exercises.

It was a great time, with two great groups....Lots of fun and I thank the VA Stroke Comeback Center for having me.

For more information (Hours, Location, etc...) Visit the VA Stroke Comeback Center website here

2. January 2nd 2014 was the official start of a new group Adaptive Boxing Fitness class designed and instructed by yours truly, but presented by National Rehabilitation Hospital to the community free of charge.

I am really excited to lead this first of it's kind group Adaptive Boxing Fitness class and welcome all that are in the area to come check it out.

This Adaptive Boxing Fitness Class is for everyone at any level to participate.

What to expect:

-A high energy and fun filled hour of Adaptive Boxing Fitness

-Cross training with traditional boxing drills designed to improve conditioning, and maximize upper body strength with resistance (as needed).

-Group session that includes wheelchair users, walkers, patients, those in the community, and therapists as volunteers.

This class is steadily growing, the word is getting out, come check us out Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm in the Cardiac Gym at the National Rehabilitation Hospital.

I guarantee you will have a great time while improving your fitness level.

3. I have been invited to have a book signing at the Sunrise of Reston for my recently released Disability Fitness Handbook.  (stay posted to the blog for date and time)

-The signing will be available to family members and residents of the Sunrise of Reston community.

-Sunrise of Reston has a great team in place that really provides a safe, nurturing, and active senior community.

- I have the pleasure of leading a seated group boxing fitness class for the residents Mondays 3:30-4:30

For more information on the Sunrise of Reston please click here

For more information on the disability fitness handbook click here

4. I'm really excited to be working with the Sabrina Cohen Foundation.

Sabrina is a great visionary and advocate for the disabled community, I'm really happy to be working with her and her team.

-Stay tuned for updates from the SCF.

-Take a look at the Sabrina Cohen Foundation site here

If you have a chance take a look at some of the sites provided above they may be of interest to you or someone you know.

That's all for now,

Keep Fighting and Never Give Up!