Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boxing Fitness for Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury Rehab

In may of 2012 professional boxer and former middleweight champion Paul "The Punisher" Williams was in a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. He received his rehab following surgery to stabilize his spine at one of the top ten ranked rehab hospitals in the nation, Shepard Center.

It was reported in an article by USA Today:

that Paul had asked for a mitt man to come in so that he could start throwing some punches again.

I was pleased to read that Paul was going to continue to train in boxing as he continues to rehab following his accident. It is my hope that boxing fitness for rehab will get noticed as a great tool for recovery.

Boxing is a fitness tool that I have found very useful working with post Stroke and SCI clients. There are so many ways to implement a sound strengthening and endurance program based on just boxing components that will also focus on coordination and balance.

The boxing stance alone is one that will challenge a clients balance and core stabilization.

This is usually a difficult stance for anyone to perform, but when you take into account someone with hemiparesis, poor balance, poor endurance or trunk control and it makes this stance very difficult to maintain.

Throwing a punch from this stance is additional difficulty, but so beneficial for someone with a neurological condition.

 So much mind muscle communication is needed for the movement in throwing a punch to happen, if that neuro pathway is weak then challenging yourself with an activity like throwing a proper punch repeatedly will help to improve mind muscle communication or to retrain your ability to do so.

A study recently highlighted the benefits of a boxing fitness through wii gaming for chronic stroke survivors and proved it to be a beneficial exercise program for improving endurance and maintaining optimal health.

There are so many ways to implement a strong boxing fitness routine for any individual. Stroke, SCI, Seniors everyone can benefit from a boxing fitness program and any boxing fitness program can be adapted to your needs.

Check out this wheelchair boxing fitness girl fight!:

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Keep Fighting, Never Give Up!-Devon