Monday, April 15, 2013

Dangerous Pre-Workout and Dietary Supplements!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a healthy and happy start of the week!
Wanted to pass along this recent article I came across reporting on a stimulant/ingredient that is used in pre-workout and dietary supplements. The FDA is reportedly working hard to cancel products that use DMAA (dimethylamylamine) in their pre-workout or dietary supplements.
It was not too long ago, that two military men had lost their lives during Army drills. These men were reportedly using products that contained DMAA.
read more about that story here:
I decided to find a list of products containing DMAA, so that everyone can check it out. Hopefully your not using any of these products.
Check out a list of pre-workout and dietary supplements containing DMAA here------>
If your serious about your goals, then you should be training with the right intensity, eating clean, sleeping well, hydrating and supplementing with Creatine, whey protein, fish oil, and a multi-vitamin.
A bowl of Cottage cheese for Casein  at night is plenty for this slow digesting protein and
If your really lifting some serious weight Glucosamine would be beneficial for your joints.
Pre workout you can drink a cup of joe for some extra energy, (caffeine has known benefits for promoting fat loss as well)
Hard Work and Dedication will bring you closer to your goals, there is no quick shortcut.
Now go lift, eat, and sleep!
Keep Fighting, Never Give Up!