Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DPI Fitness TV on Devonpalermoinc.com

Hey Team,

I'm pretty excited about this.

Check out the video above or Devonpalermoinc.com. We've just launched DPI Fitness TV!!!!

What is DPI Fitness TV?

Well, It's an Adapted Fitness TV channel. What we hope to accomplish is to provide access to Adapted Boxing Fitness classes to everyone and anyone regardless of location.

So many individuals are really enjoying the live classes here in the DC, MD, VA area, from Seniors, to SCI, Stroke, Amputee, and even Therapists at the rehab hospitals. The class is fun, high energy, and challenging for everyone at ANY level.

We're in the initial stages, but plan to offer live streaming classes to everyone for a very nominal cost.

Stay tuned for now as I will be offering many trial classes to work the bugs out, tell your friends, and get ready to get your boxing on!

Check out Devonpalermoinc.com for a sample warm-up session that I performed with my Senior group recently.

That's all for now!

Remember....Keep Fighting & Never Give Up!