Monday, March 18, 2013

I Love/Hate Leg Training

I Love and Hate Training Legs!
(185# Deep Squats 8 Sets for 8 Reps each)
I love em because I know that there is a huge benefit to training your legs (Increased growth hormone secretion, increased metabolism and fat burning throughout the day, and because you generally gain mass and strength all from performing Squats)
I hate em because they suck, I feel like crap the rest of the day because my nervous system is toast following an intense leg workout.
But, then again I love em for the same reason why I hate em.
It's a weird relationship, but one that I'm sure everyone has gone through when seriously lifting weights.
The Trick is learning the absolute correct form to perform a squat and get the most out of your leg training day.
For those of you wanting to perfect form, first step would be to get a low (6inch) stool, sit on it and practice standing up from it. The key is to involve every single muscle in your posterior chain, so starting low will engage your hamstrings, adductors, glutes, quads, core, lumbar spine all at the same time.
It's funny how all of the things we did as kids get forgotten when we get older, check out a toddlers squat form next time you can and see what I mean.
Not once do you hear them complaining of knee pain.
Here is my current Leg Training Routine: Cardio warm up x 5-6 min (burpees)
Squat Warm up 45# 3 x 10 (30)
Deep Squats 185# 8 x 8 (64)
Seated Leg Press 150# 8 x 10 (80)
Seated Calve Raises 150# 8 x 10 (80)
***Sometimes I throw in Lungewalking 10ft x 6 as a burnout, but usually I'm spent after the above****
Keep Fighting, Never Give Up