Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How the brain forms new habits

Went to a great course today on how the brain forms new habits. The speaker had us perform several brain tests throughout the day, this one was a warm up test----->
Try it out and see how you do.
Let me know your outcomes in the comments section
It's amazing how our brains function for us to perform tasks so effortlessly and automated like walking or even reading.
Even more amazing how the reward center in our brains work. We tend to choose the immediate reward (pizza, McDonald's, ice cream) over the long term reward and benefits (broccoli, healthy eating) even though we know the outcomes of each.
Willpower and self regulation definitely require consistent practice, and apparently only truly improve as you grow older and wiser.
 Check out the Marshmallow test to see what I mean----->
It takes work to stay disciplined and practice healthy eating and healthy habits, small changes can yield positive results but you will need consistency and patience to achieve your goals. You can do it!
Keep Fighting, Never Give Up!