Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wheelchair Bodybuilding

Last week I wrote about the benefits of Adaptive Fitness for those living with a disability to decrease secondary medical complications and maintain a healthy and independent self.

In that post, I mentioned a wheelchair bodybuilder by the name of Nick Scott. Not too long after that post I received an article written by Men's Fitness on wheelchair bodybuilding highlighting Nick "The beast" Scott and other wheelchair bodybuilders.

The post is accompanied with links to pictures from a wheelchair bodybuilding event and a video with several wheelchair bodybuilders all of different levels.

You can view the Men's Fitness article here:

Look at the wheelchair bodybuilding pics here:

or watch the wheelchair bodybuilding video here:,32068,1900749087001_2126974,00.html

What I love about the videos, pictures and articles is that they all demonstrate what I have said to my patients, clients, colleagues, friends, and family time and time again.....Never Give Up!

Don't let anything be an excuse for your reason as to why you are not where you want to be, if you want something go get it. If you don't know how to start, do some research, there are plenty of informative sites and resources to help point you in the right direction. Last weeks post alone included a great resource guide provided by the Miami project to cure paralysis.

The only real limitation is you, push yourself past your limits.

Keep Fighting, Never Give Up!


PS. here is a great link to a wheelchair bodybuilding site: