Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wheelchair Base Jumping and other adaptive activities

"Jumping off an 876-foot-tall bridge takes skill and experience for just an average person. But in a wheelchair, it takes even more, including mental preparedness, to land on rocks with only a few scratches."

876ft.....I wouldn't even do 100ft. That's an amazing task for someone to do, but the fact that it was done by a man in a wheelchair is even more AWESOME!.

I love reading and hearing about individuals that take on all challenges.

Check out the full story here:

"Wanna see me do something?....Tell me I can't do it!"

I believe this positive attitude is the driving force behind maximum gains and outcomes in rehab and beyond following a disabling injury or illness.

There are countless examples of exactly what I am describing, here is just a few of some that you may not have heard of:

-Wheelchair rugby or "Quad Rugby"

What a fun sport!, I was lucky enough to work with DC's team the "Capital Punisher's" when they were in their infancy.

This is a no joke, hard hitting sport, and really exciting to watch.

What is quad rugby? click here:

-Adaptive Skiing

learn more about Adaptive Skiing here:

-Adaptive rock climbing for people with disabilities

Check out this e-how video for adaptive rock climbing:

-Adaptive mountain biking
 learn more about adaptive mountain biking here:

-Adaptive Fitness/Adaptive Boxing

what a great workout! the beauty of adaptive boxing is that it can really be adjusted to any level. Seniors, paraplegics, quadriplegics, even those with visual impairments.

As an instructor I have witnessed many people turn up their nose at the thought of boxing for fitness, but once they tried it they were all hooked!

Not focusing on the disability but on the ability of what one can do.

Be it jumping off of a 876ft bridge in a wheelchair or working out to improve your strength for improved independence, don't let any obstacle get in your way.

Keep Fighting, Never Give Up!