Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Disability Fitness Handbook is finally here!

Hey Team,

I'm so excited to present this to you guys....

I feel like I've been working on this book for forever, there have been so many speed bumps that I have encountered that prevented or delayed my working on the book, but I persevered, held strong, and Never gave up because I really feel that this can be an extremely helpful tool for all of you and I wanted it to be just right so that you will love it as much I loved putting it together.

As an Adaptive Fitness Trainer, I really see the benefit in a book like this for people living with a disability that just aren't sure....Not sure about nutrition, not sure about adaptive sports, not sure about fitness or specifically what exercises to do.

My hope is that this book will fill some gaps and present some "A ha" moments so that you all will begin to or increase your current level of fitness and become more sure of your Abilities.

I really hope you enjoy it.....

Check out some more info on the book at the following website:

on this site you will be able to download a free chapter, take a look at some of the downloadable forms that are in the book and learn a little more about the book.

You will be able to purchase a PDF copy, Amazon Kindle download or a Barnes and Noble download for just $5.95

Also you can check out and leave comments on the Disability Fitness Handbook Facebook page, like us and friend us spread the word about this awesome resource.

As always....

Keep Fighting and Never Give Up!