Sunday, August 4, 2013

Relentless Training- The First Fully Functional Quadraplegic

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In my last post I listed the top balance exercises that I recommend for those with disabilities looking to improve balance, stability, and control.

I spoke on how over stimulation of the Central Nervous System is in my belief a significant factor in improving mind muscle connection.

I strongly believe, and research does show that intensive physical training yields positive results for those recovering from disabilities.

I started to think about a man named Patrick Rummerfield, I remember in my early days working with Spinal Cord Injury patients hearing the stories about Patrick and how he was relentless in his training. The Stories about how he would have someone load cuff weights on his legs and set him up on a bike to cycle even though he was barely able to make a movement. How he would do this daily, and how eventually he was  able to move, then able to complete a full revolution on the bike, then stand, and ultimately walk.

I remember seeing him during a Spinal Cord Injury rally, and being inspired all over again, It is Patrick's Never Give Up attitude that motivates me to want to motivate anyone with or without a disability to improve themselves.... to improve myself.

He has a quote that says it all on his site “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Sir Winston Churchill

That speaks volumes to me, and it should to everyone. Keep pushing, be relentless....Whatever the struggles, Whatever the disability, Whatever the difficulty stay consistent and push a little more every day!

Check out Patrick's site here:

Keep Fighting, Never Give Up!


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