Monday, June 3, 2013

Fitocracy, Myfitnesspal and other fitness tracking websites.....

Happy Monday everyone,

Recently a patient of mine who is recovering from a knee and ankle injury said to me "I wish I would have known what stretches to do to prevent this injury, especially now that I see how much they help"

This made me think about so many people who want to begin exercising and eating right, but just don't know where to start.

The Internet is flooded with information and I'm sure this can be extremely overwhelming for someone who is new to exercise and wants to eat better.

My first recommendation would be to invest in yourself and your health and look into setting up an appointment with a qualified personal trainer for an assessment and a handful of follow up sessions. This is a great way to get an idea of your current level of fitness so that you can have a base line to measure your future progress as well as to learn an appropriate exercise routine to get you going.

You can always check back in after your initial sessions for a re-assessment and updated routine.

My second recommendation would be to do some research according to your goals, be it weight loss, increased strength, or overall conditioning for an upcoming event. Find a routine for your level specific to your goals, stick with it, and begin tracking each session, do the same with your nutrition.

You would be surprised how much this helps.

There are also so many websites out now that are geared towards fitness and nutrition and are very easy and fun to use.

My favorite to date has been fitocracy, tracking my fitness and leveling up as if I was in a video game (takes me back to Super Mario Bros).

Take a look at some of these to see which one you like, and then register and begin tracking your fitness and nutrition.

My Fitness Pal

Map My Fitness


Spark People

Daily Burn



Remember consistency is key, I promise you if you stick with it you will see results!

That's all for now,

Keep fighting and Never Give Up!